Silverstone Sugo SG07: The Ultimate Mini-ITX Case?

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The Sugo SG07 measures 220 x 190 x 350 mm or approximately 8.7 x 7.5 x 13.8" and weighs in at 4.9 kg or 10.8 lb. It is about 0.5" taller and 3" deeper than the SG05/06.

The front bezel is composed of brush aluminum in the middle and plastic on the sides which extend further outward than the rest of the chassis.

While both side panels are well ventilated, the left side where the graphics card resides is riddled with many more holes and there is a small intake vent on the bottom as well. The power supply fan air filter is also located underneath the chassis; that's right, the power supply is located at the front of the case.

With the power supply out of the way, there is room at the rear of the case for a large 18 cm fan. The fan blows downward and presumably exits out the sides.

The reset button and a low/high speed toggle for the 18 cm fan are located at the back.

The case cover is rather thin, measuring only 0.7 mm thick, and is removed using three screws at the back. The top of the case is home to a slim optical drive tray and behind it sits a large 18 cm with a sliding filter.

Even with a huge fan on the case ceiling, there is still room for a decently-sized CPU cooler, up to 117 mm tall according to Silverstone. A small air guide is attached to one side of the fan, though it's so shallow we doubt it does much good.

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