Silverstone Sugo SG07: The Ultimate Mini-ITX Case?

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Taking apart the SG07 is fairly simple affair. The optical drive tray and fan assembly are screwed into beams at the top of the case while the hard drive cage is attached from the side and slides out easily. The power supply has a metal frame securing it to the bottom and front of the case.

The case interior with the fan, optical drive tray, and hard drive cage removed. Most of the power supply cables have appropriate lengths but the 20+4 ATX and 4+4 AUX12V/EPS12V cables are a ridiculous 24 inches long. Additional plugs: 3 x SATA, 1 x molex + 1 x floppy, 2 x 6+2-pin PCI-E.

To get AC power to the included power supply, an extension cable is run around the front of the case, along the edge of the left side to the back.

The blades of the included 18 cm fan are identical to the those found on the stock 18 cm fans found in the the Silverstone Raven RV01/RV02 and Fortress FT02. The frame allows the stock fan to be replaced with a 12 cm model if desired.

The only difference is the spiral pattern of struts on the exhaust side of the fan. The struts curve in the opposite direct of the fan blades, which according to Silverstone, creates more pressure than conventional case fans by "straightening" the air flow. They have a new line of fans utilizing this design, dubbed "Air Penetrator." Editor's Note: We question the utility of this air flow straightener in such a small case where all the components that need to be cooled are less than 6" away: Doesn't it simply add more impedance to reduce airflow?

The power supply has a 12 cm intake fan which draws air from underneath the case. The exhaust drifts out the back of the PSU and the right side of the case, but doesn't sit flush against the case because of the on/off switch and AC power plug.

The power supply is a 80 PLUS Bronze 600W standard ATX12V unit with a Sugo specific model number: SST-ST60F-SG. It has a single 46A +12V rail and its specs are close to that of the modular 600W Strider Plus (ST60F-P).

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