Antec TruePower New TP-750

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The predominately black coloring continues on the inside. Even the heatsinks are anodized black. There's little question of the TP-750's origins; everything from the coils to the capacitors, the transformers, and the heatsinks have that familiar Seasonic look.

The TP-750 is encased in the usual dual-U clamshell casing.

Wiring and layout are quite tidy. After seeing so many Seasonic-made PSUs, the look of the heatsinks and coils alone are enough to identify this one.

Note the vertical sub-PCB behind the mess of cables where the conversion from 12V to 5V and 3.3V is done. The 4-pin fan connector tells you it really is a PWM controller.

This shot gives you a closer look at everything.

The fan is an Adda, which par for most Seasonic-made PSUs.

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