Seasonic Super Tornado 300 ATX12V v1.3 PSU

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The Seasonic Super Tornado 300 is a superbly executed power supply.

  • It is fully compliant with the ATX12V v1.3 PSU Design Guide.
  • It has very high efficiency - above 75% at all power levels and up to 77% max.
  • It will be quieter in real applications than any other fan-cooled PSU examined by SPCR thus far. Even while delivering ~150W power in a tower case, the noise is not likely to exceed ~25 dBA @ 1 meter.
  • It is one of a tiny number of PSUs that could meet Intel's tough definition of a low noise PSU as per their ATX12V v1.3 PSU Design Guide. At this point, the only other candidate is Seasonic's own Super Silencer 300. No other PSUs we know of have the combination of high efficiency and intelligent fan design required to meet that "low noise PSU" designation challenge.

The Super Tornado 300 runs cool enough that in many systems, it is quite feasible to dispense with a case fan, thus eliminating another noise source. Yet, because of the high airflow potential of the 120mm fan, system cooling may not be compromised.

Inside a case powering a real system, the Seasonic Super Tornado 300 will probably run quieter than any other PSU examined by SPCR. The asking price of US$65 is not low but when you consider the low noise with high performance, high efficiency, high current capability, handy "Doctor Cable" kit and 3-year warranty, the price certainly does not look high.

And even for the diehard silencers who lurk in the SPCR forums, there's little reason to consider modifying the Seasonic Super Tornado 300. It's about as quiet as a fan-cooled PSU can be. Unless efficiency can be leaped up to say 90%, it's difficult to imagine how an effectively fan-cooled PSU could be made quieter. The Seasonic Super Tornado 300 deserves an unconditional recommendation from SPCR.

Our thanks to Seasonic for the review samples and for their kind support. Please check the new Seasonic USA web site for information about where to buy.

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