Cougar GX-700: 80 Plus Gold from a new brand

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The interior of the Cougar GX-700 is impressively tidy and populated with many top quality components, as claimed by the marketing blurbs. There is extensive use of fairly thick insulating plastic which shows a healthy respect for safety issues.

First impression upon opening up the GX-700 is of high quality components and clean layout.

The heatsinks are generously sized; one is hidden from view above by an insulating piece of plastic.

Pulling back the plastic sheeting reveals the main capacitor and another heatsink.

On the other side are the output cables, soldered to the main PCB. Also visible are secondary PCBs where the DC-DC conversion from 12V to 5V and 3.3V take place.

This is the PCB for the output connectors, also insulated by plastic sheeting.

The fan blades have the kind of geometry which maximizes airflow but at the expense of pressure. Fine print identifies it as a "Power Logic" fan rated for 0.4A, which suggests that maximum speed could be over 2000rpm.

This photo shows just how long that AUX12V cable is. 1.2m.

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