Corsair Gold: AX850 Power Supply

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The AX850 is finished in what looks and feels like tough black paint with white and, predictably, gold accents. Like the Seasonic X-series, the casing is very robust, made from a thicker than usual sheet metal.

The casing is robust and rigid.

The only exhaust vent is on the back panel, and the DC outputs are entirely modular.

The label has precise specifications.

The power supply's casing is a departure from the normal dual C-shaped clamshell. The metal is thicker and fits together very precisely.

The very high quality120x25mm Sanyo Denki fan first encountered in a Seasonic D12-850 is used here. Unlike the X-series, this is a 2-conductor DC fan that is voltage-controlled, not a 4-conductor PWM fan. The clear plastic piece on the edge of the fan is a baffle designed to minimize airflow short-circuit (where intake air flows through to the exhaust vent without doing any cooling). With minor changes for higher power output (such as dual filter capacitors and bigger finned heatsinks), the interior of the AX850 looks very similar to the Seasonic X-650/750.

As in the X-series, the output connector PCB is where the DC conversion from 12V to 5V and 3.3V takes place. Top quality components are used everywhere. The three spider-like heatsinks look the same as the ones used in the Seasonic X-400 Fanless.


1 - ATX connector (58cm) 20+4 pin
2 - CPU connector (58cm) 4x2 (8-pin)
1 - CPU connector (58cm) 2x2 (4-pin)
4 - PCIe (58cm) 6/8-pin
2 - four SATA connectors (82cm)
2 - two SATA connectors (55cm)
2 - four 4-pin IDE connectors (82cm)
2 - one floppy drive connectors on adapter (11cm)

Note: These modular cables are not identical to the ones used on the Seasonic X-series. They use different connectors which look similar, but the keying is not the same.

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