Lian Li PC-Q08 Mini-ITX Mini Tower Case

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Working inside the PC-Q08 is easy. All the edges are rolled to prevent cuts and scratches and the front fan and drive cages can be removed without tools. In addition, the power supply bracket is held on with thumbscrews.

A cleverly designed metal frame facilitates easy front fan installation and removal. The frame has four screws with two washers a piece that create a dumbbell configuration.

The space between the washers allows the fan assembly to simply slide into holes located behind the front bezel. Less attention was paid to the top fan though — it mounts using standard fan screws.

The case has a pair of front USB 3.0 headers but as most motherboards do not have internal USB 3.0 headers, external cables are provided that can be routed through the back and plugged into the back panel. An internal header USB 2.0 adapter is included.

The main drive cage is mounted using a single thumbscrew. It sits atop a smaller cage that is screwed into the case floor. The mounting holes have stiff rubber grommets to dampen vibration.

Our test motherboard with a Scythe Samurai ZZ cooler installed in the case. There was about 15 mm between the top of the fan and the power supply that slides in above it, making total clearance approximately 110 mm.

Installed and ready to go. The blue power LED ruins the red color scheme. It seems Lian Li forgot to change it from the black/silver versions.

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