Bluefront's Lanboy, Part 3: Acoustically Muffled Case Fan Box

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After you're satisfied everything is sanded ok, and straight...stain it to suit yourself. I used golden oak stain, two layers. The plugs were stained ebony. I haven't finished the end pieces on this particular box.


The next set of photos is from my Lanboy as it's running now. Set the computer on the box. and carefully judge where the intake hole will be. I cut the hole with a nibbler.The hole I used is 4" in diameter, as far toward the front of the case as possible. After cutting the hole in the case, you use the edges to mark the same size hole on the wood case.I'm using the airflow into this box to cool two hard drives. They can be mounted in the lower box, or set right over the hole (as I did).

The foam parts of this setup came from Sam's...and I've seen the stuff at Office Depot. It is easily cut, compresses easily, blocks noise well and is stiff enough to stand on it's own. About $8 at Sam's.

I assembled the "acoustic filter" as shown, using a generic 120mm fan, some pvc pipes, and a chrome tail pipe extension. There is no set way for this filter to be constructed. My first attempt works well, so I stuck with it. The fan usually runs at 12v, controlled by SilentTek (on the AOpen motherboard), and pulls enough air through the Alpha heatsink duct to allow almost passive cooling. It is almost completely silent. I have to put my ear close to the exhaust to hear it. The mass of the oak case and the internal acoustic muffler make this a quiet exhaust fan box.

Well there you have it, an intake filter/muffler, an aluminum ducted Alpha heatsink, and an acoustic muffled exhaust box. all combined on Bluefront's Lanboy. Any of these three projects could be used independently, or combined. They are DIY projects, that are within the capabilities of most computer modders. Anyone needing further details, post your questions in the forum link below... maybe I can help.

Coming next: Clean the kitchen!

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