Samsung 173B LCD Monitor

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Sept 7, 2003 -- by Mike Chin - (Analysis section substantially revised on Sept 9.)

Product Samsung SyncMaster 173B
Manufacturer Samsung
Supplier Samsung Canada
Market Price US$430~500

The Samsung SyncMaster 173B is the first monitor to be submitted for review at SilentPCReview. It is also the first LCD monitor I have personally had the opportunity to examine in detail. The 173B does not skimp on appearance: A sleek and handsome unit, it is, with a minimalist look, especially around the silver-finish bezel or frame, which is very appealing. The absence of a digital input, which helps signal transfer integrity between VGA card and monitor, suggests that this is not one of their top models.

As you can see from the photo above, the Samsung SyncMaster 173B has a grill in the bottom portion of the front bezel that hides a pair of tiny speakers.


PANEL Panel Type a-si TFT /TN
Size 17"
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.264
Brightness (cd/m2) 270 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 450:1
Viewing Angle 150 / 120
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Response Time (ms) 25
Interface Analog

FREQUENCY Horiz. Rate (Analog) 30-81
Vertical Rate 56-75
Bandwidth 135

RESOLUTION Maximum (Analog) 1280 x 1024
Native 1280 x 1024

COLOR Maximum 16.2 M

SIGNAL INPUT Input Video Signal Analog RGB
Video Level: Analog 0.7VP-P
Sync Type Separate H/V, Composite H/V
Input Connectors 15pin D-sub


POWER On/Working 45 Watts (Max)

EMI/Emissions FCC, DOC-B, CE, VCCI, Cispr22-B
Emission Standard TCO '99

DIMENSIONS Physical (WxHxD) 15.0" x 17.1" x 7.0"
WEIGHT Net (Physical) 10.8 lbs.

FEATURES Built-in speakers
WARRANTY Parts/Labor/Backlight 3 / 3 / 3 years
COMPATIBILITY Operating Systems Windows
Sun Microsystems

The Samsung SyncMaster 173B comes nicely packed in a relatively small flat box. When first pulled out of the box, the stand is folded flat and it looks like this from the back:

The base only has to be pivoted 90 degrees, at which point it locks into place automatically with a spring loaded metal rod. The end of this rod becomes an unlock button that has to be pushed to fold the base back up.


The little tag in the photo above is attached to a pin that acts as a lock on the spring-loaded height adjustment device. Leaving the pin in keeps the monitor at minimal height. Pulling the pin out allows the height to be adjusted. A pivot where the stand attaches to the monitor proper allows the up/down angle to be adjusted as well. Both of these functions are shown in the animated GIFs below.

Also, there is a miniature "lazy Susan" type of turntable on the bottom of the base that allows the monitor to be rotated easily.

How much room does it require? Only as much depth as the base itself, which is under 7" deep, and the width of the main monitor, ~15". A far cry from the ~18" x 18" footprint of my 19" CRT monitors. The amazing thing, of course, is that while the useful diagonal dimension of the 19" CRTs is ~18", the useful diagonal dimension of this SyncMaster 173B is 17". For all intents & purposes, it is virtually identical in terms of display space to my 19" CRTs.

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