Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus GPU Cooler

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The Accelero Xtreme Plus consists of a copper base, five extremely long heatpipes running down the entire length of the heatsink, 84 aluminum fins, and three 92 mm fans. It is 29 cm (11.4") long and weighs in at approximately 650 grams according to our digital scale, a bit more than the specified 622 grams.

With three 92 mm fans and a massive fin stack underneath it, the Xtreme Plus is easily the most massive GPU cooler we've seen.

Notice that on the backplate side of the cooler there are two heatpipe ends that are shorter than the others. This design was employed to avoid interference with the large metal boxes covering the DVI connections on ATI's recent cards.

The fins are approximately 0.32 mm thick and spaced 1.78 mm apart on average. The plastic holder securing the fans extends outward by 9 mm.

Once installed, there is only 12 mm of clearance under the fins so larger aftermarket ramsinks are not compatible with the Xtreme Plus.

The copper base is large with a slightly rough surface and has AC's MX-4 compound pre-applied.

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