Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus GPU Cooler

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The most critical aspect of installation is for the heatsink to be securely mounted. A firm mating results in good contact between the heatsink's base and the GPU core and more efficient heat conduction. Ideally installation should also be a simple procedure with as the user having to handle as few pieces of hardware as possible.

The Xtreme Plus is exceptionally easy to install, being secured to the card with just four screws with washers on the trace side of the board. There are no double-sided screws, nuts, or spring-loaded bolts to mess around with.

After years of complaints about the weak thermal adhesive tape on their memory and VRM heatsinks, AC responded by shipping the Xtreme Plus with thermal adhesive instead. The included tube is small and the adhesive itself is very thick and has a short lifespan. According to AC it only lasts a week after being opened unless it is refrigerated.

The adhesive worked fairly well, but remember to clean both the chip and heatsink surface before application. Once you pull a heatsink off, you won't be able to get it back on, though the chalky residue comes off easily after a 24 hour cure.

Fully installed on our HIS Radeon HD 5870.

We opted to reuse the memory heatsinks from the Gelid Icy Vision but the large mounting plate interfered with the ones at the edge of the card. The ramsinks cannot overlap the memory chips, so we had to turn them 90 degrees.

Installed in our test system. The final product takes up three slots, but the right side of the card sags downward considerably. The Xtreme Plus also increased the effective length of the card to 30.6 cm or just over 12 inches.

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