Zotac IONITX-P-E: First CULV-embedded Motherboard

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A board's layout is important as the positioning of components can dictate compatibility with other products like third party heatsinks and also disrupt airflow, making a system more thermally challenging, those this latter aspect is less important on a mini-ITX product.

The IONITX-P-E has a similar layout to the Atom-based IONITX boards except that the mini PCI-E slot populated by the 802.11n adapter has been moved to the left a bit, and there is a full-sized PCI Express slot. Also the board uses DDR3 instead of DDR2.

From an angle. There are three SATA ports and power is provided via an old school 20-pin ATX connector.

There is a large aluminum heatsink with a slim 60 mm PWM fan cooling the processor and chipset. It stands 37 mm tall measured from the surface of the PCB.

The heatsink is secured using four large screws on the trace side of the board.

At the back there are three video outputs (HDMI, DVI, VGA), S/PDIF and eSATA connectors, and a red rubber clown nose covering the WiFi antenna attachment.

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