Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

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The carton is fairly heavy at ~35kg, and its dimensions make it awkward for a single person except perhaps someone with very long arms. Once out of the box, the TV can be handled by one person, but it is still awkward, and much easier with two people.

The sturdy Samsung LN55C650 carton, behind 8' sofa.

Some simple assembly is required, namely of the stand.

The easiest way to mount the base was to lay the TV flat on a large table, with the underside (where the stand goes) close to the edge of the table. This also gives us the opportunity to examine the back and bottom of the TV (and my wife's latest tablecloth). All the inputs are on the left inset and edge, the AC power cable input is on the right near the middle, and the perforated grill on the bottom edge holes two fairly ordinary looking oval-shape speakers on each side.

Here are all the inputs and outputs, in a single photo. On the side are one HDMI, two USB, plus the video and stereo audio inputs for AV1. Note that the lower of the two USB ports is marked HDD; presumably this port provides enough current to power a 2.5" external USB drive. All other connecttions are in the recess on the back panel.

Details of manufacturing, etc on the back panel label.

The wireless remote is very similar to other Samsung TV remotes. It does require pointing towards the right bottom corner of the TV where the IR receiver is located.

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