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The Asus EAH6850 DirectCU is a dual slot graphics card half an inch longer than the reference card. The PCB measures 23.8 cm, but the cooler's shroud extends the length to 24.1 cm (9.5'). Like many third party manufacturers, Asus went with a down-blowing heatsink model.

The accessories include the usual suspects with one odd extra: a CD wallet. Obviously the box could've been reduced in size significantly.

The fan has a wingspan of 73 mm and is is designed to blow downward with the shroud helping direct air across the PCB. The heatpipes extend over the edge of the card by 11 mm.

Though there is a small vent on the PCI bracket, the cooler doesn't push air out the back. In most cases it will act as an intake.

Two direct-touch heatpipes contacting the GPU core are visible from the side.

Notice the metal strip running along the outside of the card. Its seems to serve no other purpose except to provide structural integrity to the circuit board.

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