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With only four screws holding it to the card, the Asus EAH6850 DirectCU heatsink is much easier remove. The main heatsink is much larger than the reference model, and has a pair of direct-touch heatpipes.

Two heatpipes isn't a lot in this day and age, but with the direct-touch method, it's just right. The core of the HD 6850 is too small to take advantage of more.

The heatpipes are 8 mm thick and nickel-plated, at least on the outside. The portion on the underside is less likely to oxidize, and to make matter contact with the core, had to be sanded down.

The plastic cover is screwed down to the heatsink at several points, including an inaccessible location just under the mounting plate. It cannot be removed without damaging the cooler unless you have a perpendicular screw driver handy.

A small VRM heatsink is attached using a pair of pushpins and a thermal pad.

Our sample had bare 1.5 ns Hynix memory chips rated for 1.25 GHz, 25% higher than stock.

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