New high areal density 2-and-3 TB Greens from WD

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The table below is a summary of read performance test data from testing with HD Tach 3.0.4 and HD Tune 4.6. All the drives were connected directly to the onboard SATA ports of the test platform system described on the previous page: A Windows 7 64-bit OS on a Asus P6X58D Premium ATX motherboard with an Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 processor.

HD Tune 4.6 Sequential Read Results
Min read
60.9 MB/s
51.5 MB/s
47.1 MB/s
Max read
130.5 MB/s
132.1 MB/s
107.3 MB/s
Avg read
103.2 MB/s
98.5 MB/s
80.5 MB/s
Random access
20.4 ms
19.9 ms
20.4 ms
HD Tach Sequential Read Results
Sequential read
120.7 MB/s
103.0 MB/s
84.1 MB/s
Random access
15.0 ms
20.0 ms

The two higher areal density drives were expected to run a bit faster. This was the result in HD Tune, but HD Tach showed the 3 TB model to be faster than the new 2 TB. The difference was about the same margin as the 3-platter WD20EARS over the WD20EVDS. However, even though HD Tach shows the big drive as being 3 TB, this software does not have explicit support for a 3 TB drive, while HD Tune does. It is possible that HD Tach short strokes the drive (ie, uses only 2.19 TB of total capacity) in testing, which could explain the higher reported speed.

HD Tune was also used test test write operations,. Sequential Write as well as Random Writes. HD Tune calls for an unpartitioned drifve and writes across the full area of the drive. The sequential write results more or less mirrored the read results. The only unlikely result was Random Access of ~7 ms for the 2 TB AV drive, despite the same result being obtained many times.

HD Tune Sequential Write Results
Avg write
99.3 MB/s
96.0 MB/s
79.7 MB/s
Max write
125.4 MB/s
127.3 MB/s
103.5 MB/s
Min write
57.9 MB/s
50.0 MB/s
46.6 MB/s
Random access
19.2 ms
19.2 ms


Random Write / Read tests were done with files sizes from 512 bytes to 1 MB. HD Tune Pro 4.6 provides IOPS measurements as well as access time and speed.

HD Tach Random Access Reads

There wasn't much to choose among the three for random access reads. But in Random Access Write operations, the 2TB AV version came out on top, in some cases by a significant margin.

HD Tach Random Access Writes


In real world file transfer timed tests from/to an OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD:

1) Small File Copy: A 870 MB folder of 1,278 files ranging from 10KB to 4MB in size
2) Large File Copy: 4 GB folder of 4 files, 2 x 700MB and 2 x 1400MB in size

The three drives both wrote and read within a few percent of each other. In actual use, you would be hard pressed to notice any difference. Only with a huge single 40 GB file ripped from a Bluray disc was there any significant difference, and oddly, the 3-platter WD20EARS came out on top.

Timed Results (read/write in seconds)
Small files
13 / 18 sec
13 / 18 sec
13 / 16 sec
Large files
43 / 41 sec
42 / 46 sec
42 / 45 sec
40 GB file
355 / 332 sec
307 / 306 sec
394 / 405 sec

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