Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme Rev.C & AC Freezer Xtreme Rev.2

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PHYSICAL DETAILS: Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme Rev.2

The Freezer Xtreme is composed of four copper heatpipes for eight heatpipe paths through the fins and a stack of 102 aluminum fins (51 on each side). By our measurements, it weighs approximately 690 grams, 550 grams without the fan, and has a height of 143 mm.

The overall build quality and tightness of the fins reminds us of the Freezer 7/64, a classic heatsink from days of yore. The Xtreme is basically a larger version with four heatpipes instead of three, split in half with a 120 mm fan at the center.

The heatsink is short for a tower design, standing only 143 mm tall; most of its contemporaries measure 156~162 mm. Its fin mass sits rather low to help cool board components. The fins are thin, only 0.30 mm thick and are packed tightly with each layer separated by about 1.70 mm.

The plastic "X" cover on each side is attached with some kind of adhesive.

Like all of Arctic Cooling's current heatsinks, their MX-2 thermal compound is pre-applied to the base. Underneath is a somewhat rough and slightly concave surface.

The Freezer Xtreme uses a 120 mm fan with an unusually large hub. A pair of release tabs are incorporated into the round frame.

The interior surface is jagged to break up turbulence. The mounting plate sits beneath the fan, so the fan must be removed to facilitate mounting.

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