Thermalright Shaman 140mm Fan GPU Cooler

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The Thermalright Shaman consists of a stack of 55 aluminum fins, eight nickel-plated 6mm thick copper heatpipes and a large base of the same composition. We weighed it at approximately 510 grams bare, and 680 grams with the fan and mounting clips — a little bit more than the Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus.

Like most video card coolers the Shaman sits underneath the GPU hanging down off the PCB in a typical ATX tower, a precarious setup for a cooler that weighs 680 grams. Thankfully the heatpipes are strong and numerous, holding the rest of the heatsink in place fairly well.

On average, the 55 fins are 0.42 mm thick and spaced 1.80 mm apart.

Viewed from the side.

The base is almost perfectly flat with a mirror finish. Very light machine marks can be seen upon closer inspection.

The Shaman ships with six very thin ramsinks and 12 large ones (16 x 14 x 7 mm). Also included are six long VRM heatsinks (23 x 11 x 6 mm).

The extra heatsinks provided by most third party VGA coolers are usually mounted with the help of a paper-thin thermal adhesive film. Thermalright utilizes a rather thick white thermal pad that adheres easily and securely.

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