Noctua NH-C14 Dual Fan Top-down CPU Cooler

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The Noctua NH-C14 is composed of a copper base, six "C" shaped copper heatpipes and a stack of 68 fins, all nickel-plated. By our measurements it weighs approximately 1010 grams, 680 grams without the fans and clips, and has a height of 130 mm, 103 mm minus the top fan.

Two 14 cm fans are clamped onto both sides of the fin-stack to create a down-blower with plenty of airflow.

The fans clips hook into black gaskets inserted in the 12 cm mounting holes of both fans. Anti-vibration strips are used to dampen the edges of the fan housing, de-coupling the fan from the heatsink body.

The heatpipes are soldered to the base. A pair of metal mounting wings come pre-installed for use with both the Intel and AMD mounting hardware.

Without the fans, the C14 looks rather sparse. Unlike the C12P, its heatpipes are straighter and there is no small fin-stack above the base.

The fins are 0.38 mm thick and spaced 1.79 mm apart on average, significantly tighter than both the D14, and the C14's predecessor, the C12P. There are two holes on each side for screwdriver access to the bolts on the mounting wings.

The base has a rather dull finish though only very fine machining marks are visible. The surface is slightly convex like Thermalright heatsinks.

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