Sandy Bridge, Part 1: Intel GMA HD 3000/2000 Graphics

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Motherboard Details: Intel DH67BL

Our first H67 motherboard is the DH67BL courtesy of Intel, a fully featured microATX model with eSATA and USB 3.0. Despite developing a new socket, Intel took pity on end-users by not changing the CPU heatsink mounting hole configuration.

The H67 chipset is very similar to H55 with the only apparent differences being a pair of SATA 6 Gbps ports, a minor increase in PCI Express bandwidth, and the shedding of native PCI support. A bridge chip must be employed to provide PCI slots.

Intel DH67BL specifications.

As a budget board the DH67BL is devoid of fancy cooling and ugly old school brown capacitors litter the PCB. Also notice how portions of the PCB are taped up — this is not a production retail sample.

From another angle.


BIOS: performance screen.

BIOS: processor overrides.

BIOS Summary: Intel DH67BL
Max Non-Turbo Ratio
0 to 50
Memory Frequency
DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333
Memory Voltage
1.20V to 1.80V in 0.05V increments
Memory Timing Control
Graphics Max Multiplier 0 to 255
GPU Voltage
1.00V to 1.52V in 0.02V increments

Given the limitations of the chipset and those imposed by Intel, the DH67BL's BIOS has little to offer an enthusiast. As we used an i5-2500K processor, the maximum non-turbo multiplier was a generous 50 but the chipset doesn't support anything that high. In fact, no ratio we entered had any effect on the clock speed. The only thing that is really tweakable is the onboard graphics. The maximum dynamic graphics frequency is defined as the host clock frequency (100 MHz) x 0.5 x graphics max multiplier. The default multiplier is 22 (for 1100 MHz) while the maximum is an astonishing 255 (12.75 GHz).

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