Sandy Bridge, Part 2: Intel DH67BL & Asus P8H67-M EVO H67 Motherboards

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Intel DH67BL: Physical Details

Our Intel DH67BL came to us sans box, accessories, and portions of the PCB were covered with small strips of white tape, probably a pre-production board. The layout is fairly basic, bearing a close resemblance to the Intel DH55TC for LGA1156.

The DH67BL supports four DDR3 DIMMs, two SATA 6 Gbps drives, three SATA 3 Gbps drives, and one PCI-E 16x card. It has three 4-pin fan headers located on the top edge of the board all of which are controllable.

While its feature-set is well rounded, it has the look of a budget board. Only the capacitors around the socket are solid-state and there are no extra heatsinks for the VRMs, just a single low profile aluminum heatsink covering the chipset.

The back panel is stocked with the usual suspects as well as a pair of blue USB 3.0 ports and a red eSATA connector.

Intel DH67BL: BIOS

BIOS: performance screen.

BIOS: hardware monitor.

BIOS Summary: Intel DH67BL
Memory Frequency
DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333
Memory Voltage
1.20V to 1.80V in 0.05V increments
Memory Timing Control
Graphics Max Multiplier 0 to 255
GPU Voltage
1.00V to 1.52V in 0.02V increments

Given the limitations imposed by Intel on the chipset and the board itself, the DH67BL's BIOS has little to offer an enthusiast. To our surprise we found a non-turbo multiplier setting, but it didn't do anything. We're puzzled as to why it was even there. To overclock the CPU, one must tweak the base clock frequency which is limiting as all the system buses are linked.

H67 does allow plenty of overclocking potential for the onboard graphics though, with a maximum graphics multiplier of up to 255. The IGP clock is defined as the base clock frequency (100 MHz) x 0.5 x the multiplier. Using this formula, the maximum allowable GPU clock speed is an astonishing (12.75 GHz).

As for fan control, the board has it, but there were no customizable settings in the BIOS. Intel doesn't provide any utility to adjust it from the operating system either.

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