Lian Li PC-B25S Mid-tower Aluminum Case

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The actual volume of the PC-B25S is around 55~56 liters, but the raised triangular cross-section part of the top panel, and the 2.5 cm tall silver puck feet make it seem a bit bigger.

A view of the front and top, with blue ring light on. Note that there are no air vents in the front, but the bezel's side edge is liberally vented all around with many small slots, much like in the Antec P180 series cases.

The rear panel features a 120mm fan, ports for watercooling pipes. The PSU mounts at the bottom.

Beneath the raised section is a 140mm fan, with a vent on the back end.

The top bezel pops off easily with a little tug at the front. It is friction fit on four plastic points. The inside of the removable top panel is lined with thin foam, presumably to reduce the audibility of the fan. Note the unnecessary dust filter on the fan. This is an exhaust fan — the air blown out of the case hardly need to be filtered. You might be able to see a tiny slider switch behind the fan. This is a 3-speed switch for a built in fan controller.

The underside is equipped with intake vents reminiscent of a washer board, and removable dust filters on the outside. These are primarily for the PSU.

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