Lian Li PC-B25S Mid-tower Aluminum Case

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Two thumbscrews need to be removed to gain access to the left side of the case. The interior panels (and the bottom and back) are not anodized. The side panels are lined with foam.

There are protective grills over the top and back panel fans. Both side panels are lined with foam.

Detail of aluminum disc feet.

The aluminum feet are about an inch tall, the tallest we've seen for any case. It is a good height for a case that puts the PSU on the bottom, with an intake fan on the bottom. The extra clearance is needed for the PSU fan to breathe adequately. The feet are unusual enough that one was removed for close examination. It turns out they are made from two parts: A solid machined aluminum disc, and a matching aluminum-plastic-rubber disc that fits perfectly into the top disc, all held together with a machine screw and washer, screwed into a properly tapped hole on the bottom panel. These feet stand as a paradigm for the entire case: Attention to detail with excellent execution and fine materials (the correct height for the feet, good sizing for balance, great machining, nice non-slip rubber bottom surface), yet unnecessary complexity — if you go to the trouble of machining a disc from a solid piece of aluminum, why not just make one the right size to be a foot by itself? Instead, they made it in two parts. Perhaps the composite half was the original foot design, and then someone decided it was not tall enough, so the additional all-aluminum disc was added, rather than discard all the already produced original feet.

The foam glued to the inside of the side panels is thin and not very dense. It is not going to absorb much internal reflections except at higher frequencies, but it might help reduce sympathetic vibration (transferred from hard drives and fans) in the panel itself.

In a small carton inside the case, there were bags of screws of various types and sizes, a two-part noise baffle or deflector for the back panel fan, a piece of adhesive backed foam to line this baffle, a Y-adapter to use the top panel USB 3.0 ports with a USB 2.0 internal motherboard header, and a locking clamp mount for the PSU. All this is atop a multilingual, photo-illustrated instruction sheet.

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