Lian Li PC-V354 MicroATX Mini Tower Case

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INTERIOR (Continued)

The interior layout is more or less the same as the PC-Q08's, but there are some minor differences including an extra fan mount and the inclusion of a fan controller.

The added depth of the cage makes managing cables a bit easier. There is plenty of room for excess cabling behind the drives in particular.

The top/rear corner.

Oddly, there is no power supply vent on the side panel like the PC-Q08, so the fan has to draw air from the interior. They have also added a pair of metal bars on the case floor to give it some support.

In our view its best feature is the fan controller at the back that supports four 3-pin fans. It is powered via molex.

Like the PC-Q08, the front fans have both filters and grills on them and mount in the same way.

Slide the rubber grommets into the larger holes and then push toward the smaller holes.

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