Lian Li PC-V354 MicroATX Mini Tower Case

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Being deeper and taller than the PC-Q08, the PC-V354 is generally easier to work in, but it is far from an ideal experience. The PC-Q08 had six painfully tiny screws holding down each side panel; the PC-V354 has eight. The drive cages are also flimsier, and though they have an extra support bracket, it doesn't really help and just makes them more difficult to access.

The drive cages are 1.2 mm thick, 0.3 mm thinner than in the PC-Q08, making them softer and somehow stickier. We managed to pull the cages apart from each another using brute strength. Needless to say, the PC-V354 is afflicted by the same hard drive vibration problem as the PC-Q08

As in our SFF home server build, we made the cages tighter to reduce vibration by padding both sides with paper/cardboard. In this case, more material was needed.

Our test system included a Core i5-750 processor cooled by a Noctua NH-C12P, the best cooler we had that would fit. There was about 20 mm between the heatsink and PSU making the total clearance about 11 cm. We tried the Thermalright MUX-120 as well, a thin tower with the fan positioned on top, but it was a few millimeters too thick and interfered with the power supply.

The rest of our components included an Asus P7H55D-M Pro motherboard, 4GB of Corsair DDR3, a Samsung EcoGreen F3 hard drive, a Radeon HD 5450 graphics card (and later an Asus HD 6850) and a Cooler Master Silent Pro M700 modular power supply.

We encountered only one problem during installation: the I/O shield wouldn't fit properly. It seems that the standoffs on the side panel were a little too short. This is an unacceptable defect.

System assembled and powered up.

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