Sandy Bridge, Part 5: Asus P8P67 and P8P67 Pro Motherboards

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Physical Details

The Asus P8P67 & P8P67 Pro are essentially the same save for a couple of features. As a result there are a variety of minor layout and placement differences with regards to connectors, chips, and capacitors. Rather than bore you with nearly identical pictures of both, we present to you images of just the P8P67 Pro. Notable differences are noted in the captions in bold.

The P8P67 Pro features three PCI-E 16x slots, with the top two running at 8x/8x when used in a dual video card configurations (16x/4x for the P8P67). The third one runs at 4x but shares bandwidth with the two 1x slots as well as the USB 3.0 and eSATA controller. The non-Pro version has a third PCI slot instead and no dedicated eSATA.

The board has eight SATA ports sitting on their side, four of which are of the 6 Gbps variety (the two white ones are native, while the dark blue ones are powered by a Marvell controller). It also has an internal USB 3.0 header which is rare. The PCH heatsink is the most massive we've seen, but its odd shape lacks the total surface area of simpler designs.

The area around the socket is incredibly tidy with neat rows of capacitors and inductors to the side. The VRMs are kept cool by large, angled heatsinks held by spring-loaded pushpins. The coolers are 28 mm tall at their highest points, so they shouldn't cause any difficulty for third party coolers.

The P8P67 Pro back panel ports: optical/coaxial S/PDIF, Bluetooth, 2 x eSATA (one of which is powered), FireWire, 6 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, RJ45, and a standard set of six analog audio ports.

The P8P67 back panel is slightly different, lacking a coaxial S/PDIF port and eSATA connectivity (a SATA to eSATA bracket is included instead). Also the gigabit ethernet is provided by a Realtek rather than Intel controller.

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