Asus E35M1-M Pro: AMD Fusion Motherboard

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Power Consumption

Like its Atom based competition, the E35M1-M Pro is uses very little power compared to standard desktop configurations.

When idle, the E35M1-M Pro is more energy efficient than most of the various Atom/CULV desktop combinations we've tested in the past, including those with Nvidia's ION GPU. The one exception is the Intel D510M0 which utilizes a second generation dual core Atom 510 and GMA 3150 graphics. On CPU load, the E-350 appears to be on par with the old Atom 330. Putting the GPU to work required additional 9W compared to 7W~9W for the Zotac Atom/CULV ION boards.

It also has the same EPU feature found on many Asus boards, but this only reduced the power consumption by half a watt across the board.

Video Playback

Our H.264 video tests places the E-350/Radeon 6310 combination a step behind Intel/ION pairings. Higher CPU utilization was recorded during playback, and slightly more power was consumed as well.

The E35M1-M Pro was less efficient at decoding Blu-ray video as well, requiring 13~14% more CPU cycles and pulling 3~4W more from the wall than the IONITX-P-E. YouTube HD Flash trailers rendered smoothly, but required more CPU resources as well.

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