Thermalright Silver Arrow Dual 14cm Fan Cooler

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The Silver Arrow is composed of a copper base, four "U" shaped copper heatpipes and a stack of 55 fins on each side, all nickel-plated. By our measurements, it weighs approximately 1210 grams, 870 grams without the fans and clips, making it slightly lighter than the NH-D14. The Silver Arrow is also taller than the Noctua by 5~10 mm; the heatsink measures 165 mm high, but with the fans centered, the overall height increases to 170 mm.

Like the NH-D14, the Silver Arrow's fins are split into two sections on each side of the heatpipes. The fins are thinner, narrower, and packed tighter though than the D14 though.

On average, the fins are 0.32 mm thick and spaced 1.57 mm apart. Its fairly tightly grouped which is typical for Thermalright heatsinks.

The gap between the two sections measures about 40 mm which gives the fan at the center an extra 15 mm of breathing room behind it. On the D14, the arrangement is much tighter with almost no separation between the fin stacks and the middle fan.

Like the entire Ultra series, the base is convex, which means there will be more contact with the processor in the middle. It's an apt strategy as most of the heat generated emanates from the center, and most current CPUs have a heatspreader that tends to be concave..

The base surface had a few visible machine marks. There was also noticeable banding at certain angles. The base was polished to produce an almost mirror-like reflection.

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