Zalman CNPS9900 MAX & CNPS5X CPU Coolers

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The CNPS9900 MAX is composed of a large copper base, six copper heatpipes, and 134 aluminum fins, all of which are nickel-plated. The fins and heatpipes are split into two spiral sections. By our measurements it weighs approximately 770 grams and stands 151 mm tall.

The CNPS9900 MAX's fins are very thin, measuring only 0.16 mm thick. The fin spacing is varied, given its radial nature, but the average separation at the center of the fins is a tight 1.59 mm.

The CNPS9900 MAX is essentially the same as the CNPS9900 LED pictured on the left, except it is nickel-plated from head to toe and has a larger fan mounted using a metal stand. The gap between the two fin sections measures 30 mm and the fan blades are only 16 mm thick.

The fan has a diameter of 130 mm, making it equivalent in size to a standard 140 mm box fan.

The fan is attached to a metal frame bolted to the mounting plate. There is a vestigial notch at the center of the plate that was used in previous Zalman designs for an AMD mounting clip.

The mounting plate is held onto the base with four screws.

The CNPS9900 MAX base is a little bit larger than the LED version and is like the rest of the heatsink, nickel-plated. The base is flat and well polished.

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