Zalman CNPS9900 MAX & CNPS5X CPU Coolers

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The CNPS5X SZ is composed of a copper base, three copper heatpipes, and a stack of 55 aluminum fins. By our measurements, it weighs 310 grams and stands 134 mm tall.

The CNPS5X is a light, three heatpipe tower cooler with the equivalent of a 92 mm box fan.

The 4-pin PWM fan is held on with plastic hooks. There is not enough space for a standard 92 mm fan replacement unless the housing is discarded.

On average, the fins are 0.29 mm thick and densely packed with only 1.28 mm of separation. It is relatively thin, measuring only 64 mm across.

The three heatpipes are spread evenly through the heatsink. The fins narrow at the top and bottom where the fan housing clips on.

An AMD style retention mechanism is screwed onto the mounting plate and used for both AMD and Intel installations.

The base has a flat surface but a rough, striated finish.

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