Zalman Z9 Plus ATX Tower Case

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The Z9 Plus weighs 7.2 kg or 15.8 lb and measures 207 x 464 x 504 mm or 8.1 x 18.3 x 19.8" (W x H x D) making the total volume of the case 48.4 L. We would describe the build quality as decent for its price. The sheet metal is 0.8 mm thick, which is thicker than some, and the edges of the side panels are folded over and doubled for strength. The side panels can be flexed moderately, but latch on well to the chassis, forming a very tight seal. The strongest portion of the case is the hard drive cage, while the weakest is the optical drive bays above it.

The front panel features a temperature readout, fan control slider, front USB and audio ports. There is a decorative molded "Z" at the bottom where the included 120 mm intake fan draws air. That portion along with the drive bay covers are all ventilated.

A large fan filter is located at the top above two fan placements. The Z9 Plus supports two 140 mm fans on the ceiling with one 120 mm model pre-installed.

A 120 mm fan is mounted on the rear above a pair of watercooling grommets. One area that Zalman cut corners on is the expansion slot covers which cannot be reused.

At the bottom there is a very restrictive grill for the power supply and another 120/140 mm fan placement just in front of it with an exterior filter.

Like most modern cases, the Z9 Plus positions the power supply at the bottom of the case on four rubber pads to reduce vibration and provide breathing room. The case ships with two different kinds of fans, a molex-powered black and white model at the rear, and transparent 3-pin models at the top, side, and front.

The hard drive cage is supports five drives that slide in from the side. The intake fan in front of it uses the same dust filter as the placement on the case floor.

Behind the motherboard tray there is plenty of room for routing cables. A series of little arches are provided to slip in twist-ties and zip-ties, and there are some large holes near the front for thicker cables. A large cutout at the back is provided for mounting CPU heatsinks, and unusually, a ventilated 2.5" drive bay sits beneath it.

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