Zalman Z9 Plus ATX Tower Case

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Assembling a system in the Z9 Plus is straightforward. The case supports three 5.25" drives, five internal 3.5" drives, one external 3.5" drive (an internal 3.5" caddy is provided), and one 2.5" drive on the backside of the motherboard tray. There are four 120/140 mm fan placements, one at the front and bottom, and two on the top. Three 120 mm fans can also be mounted with one at the rear and two on the side.

The case comes with a couple of extras, a dual 3-pin fan controller, and a temperature sensor, both powered via molex. Unfortunately no thermal tape is included.

To mount a hard drive, screws are inserted into the sides of the drive with rubber grommets to dampen them. The drive is then slid into the drive bay until they are locked into place by a plastic lever on the side. The drive sits a little loose using this system which is preferable to being super-tight. It's mechanical decoupling that helps reduce vibration induced noise.

The rest of the components install as they normally would in most cases. Due to the limited vent slots on the case floor, we positioned our power supply with the fan pointing upwards. There was about 50 mm of clearance to the right of our HD 4870 graphics card and approximately 10 mm of clearance above our ZEROtherm FZ120 heatsink.

The cabling at the rear was easily cleaned up.

Fully assembled minus the side fan (we'll discuss the reason later).

One peeve we have is the power button. It is flush against the chassis and easy to depress by accident.

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