Intel Core i3-2100 vs. AMD Phenom II X2 565

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System Power

Our first test is low load system power consumption, at idle and during video playback. While some users work their systems hard, other machines are often left idling or used for mundane tasks like watching video or surfing the web for hours on end.

At idle and during video playback using discrete graphics, the i3-2100 used the same amount of power as the quad core i5-2400, but both were much more frugal than AMD's lineup. The i3-2100 used 12W less than the X2 565 at idle. For context, if the CPUs are used as always-on file servers, 12W is the equivalent of 3~4 idling low RPM hard drives.

On a theoretical full load, the i3-2100 and X2 565 are polar opposites, with the Intel chip sucking down 40W less than the Phenom, and 20~30W less than the dual core Athlons.


For our thermal test, each CPU was paired with the Scythe Kabuto with its stock fan spinning at ~800 rpm. AMD temperatures were taken using the motherboard's sensor via SpeedFan and Intel temperatures were taking with RealTemp.

*Direct temperature comparisons between Intel and AMD processors should not be made.

On load, the i3-2100 was 14°C cooler than the i5-2400. The X2 565 was hotter incrementally compared to the models below it.

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