Intel Core i3-2100 vs. AMD Phenom II X2 565

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To test performance we pit the processors against one another in a short series of timed tasks using real world applications. Power consumption was measured when applicable.

Not content to take the energy efficiency crown, the i3-2100 beat up the X2 565 in Photoshop by 25 seconds, 22% faster. It performed on par with the more expensive and higher clocked i5-680 for LGA1156.

The X2 565 performed much better in our NOD32 test, trailing the i3-2100 by just five seconds, but it takes a beating when you consider power consumption as well. In this test the i3-2100 was closer in speed to its LGA1156 predecessors.

In WinRAR, both Sandy Bridge processors came out on top, with a big lead over the Phenom II X2 565 and 555, both in speed and energy efficiency. The i3-2100 was blew the i5-680 out of the water despite a 500 MHz clock speed differential.

The i3-2100 was a bit faster clock for clock than the Clarkdale i5-600 series when encoding AAC with iTunes. None of AMD's chips were competitive in this test.

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