Intel Core i3-2100 vs. AMD Phenom II X2 565

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Video Encoding

Our video encoding benchmarks are representative of how well the CPUs respond to multithreaded applications. This is where quad and hex core processors typically shine.

In TMPGEnc, the quad core i5-2400 obviously led the pack, followed by Intel's dual core offerings. The i3-2100 was no faster than its predecessors, finishing the test ahead of the i3-530 and behind the i5-661. AMD's chips trailed by a substantial amount.

The i3-2100 fared better with HandBrake, pulling slightly ahead of the i5-661. Once again AMD's dual core chips were far behind.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Core i3-2100 was a very impressive performer, finishing our benchmarks a few seconds slower than the Core i5-680, which is clocked 500 MHz higher and sells for US$170 more. The i3-2100 also beat out AMD's best dual core, the Phenom II X2 565 by 21%. The Athlon II and Phenom II X2's struggle to compete with Intel's previous generation.

The total power consumption of our test suite gives Intel another win, with the i3-2100 using just 18.5 Watt-hours to finish our benchmarks, almost half that of the X2 565. It was also a bit more efficient than the older Clarkdale CPUs, though many of our readers have pointed out that our LGA1156 test board is not very efficient. We'll call it a draw.

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