Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB & Momentus 750GB

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HD Tune Performance

While not entirely indicative of real world performance, HD Tune does give us a glimpse into a hard drive's inner workings. Its transfer rate benchmark measures speed across the entire disk, giving us an idea of how fast it is over its entire span.

HD Tune measured a maximum transfer speed of 140 MB/s for the Barracuda Green 2TB, putting it close to 7200 RPM drives like the Hitachi 7K1000.C 1TB and Barracuda XT 2TB. While it is hampered by the lower spindle speed, its 667GB platters give it a leg up compared to 5400 RPM models like the Samsung EcoGreen F3. The Momentus 750GB also gave a strong performance, besting the Momentus XT 500GB, Seagate's hybrid notebook drive.

Both drives have low access times compared to 5400 RPM drives like the WD Scorpio Blue and Samsung EcoGreen. 7200 RPM models have a clear advantage in this area.

The two drives appear to support adjustable Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM), but we couldn't hear any difference in the range of settings. Typically a drive with its AAM set to "low noise" will be quieter because of less aggressive seeks which result in higher access times.

Real World Performance

A Windows 7 image loaded with our test suite was cloned to a 50GB partition at the beginning of each drive and our entire test suite was run start to finish 3 times with a reboot and defragmentation in between runs except for the Momentus XT (defragmentation resets optimizations made to the XT's flash memory). Average times were collected for comparison.

Both drives had superior loading times compared to their 5400 RPM contemporaries, but the Barracuda Green was the faster of the two, trailing the 7200 RPM Deskstar 7K1000.C by a small margin.

In application performance, the Barracuda Green was just a step behind 7200 RPM models, being very quick in our TrueCrypt test but taking a tumble in ExactFile. The Momentus was significantly slower in both.

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