OCZ RevoDrive 120GB PCI Express SSD

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The RevoDrive 120GB is a full-sized PCI Express 4x card (can be used in 4x, 8x, and 16x connectors) and measures just over seven inches in length. It has two SandForce controllers placed in RAID 0 using a Silicon Image RAID controller.

Though large and well padded, the RevoDrive package doesn't hold much. Aside from the card itself, the only accessories are a quick installation guide and a silly ego-boosting sticker. Drivers must be downloaded from the OCZ website and put on a disc or USB drive to be pre-loaded during Windows installation.

The hardware is placed on a black PCB with the NAND Flash chips on the right hand side. The large IC on the left with the "R" monogram is a Silicon Image 3124 software RAID controller chip. There are also a series of blue activity LEDs near the PCI bracket.

Two SandForce SF1200 series controllers are used, with each partition recognized as 55GB in the BIOS.

There are 32 NAND chips, 16 on both side, with a total capacity of 128GB. Like most SSDs, a portion of its space is reserved as a contingency plan as cells will eventually wear out over time.

The trace side of the PCB.

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