OCZ RevoDrive 120GB PCI Express SSD

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The RevoDrive also performed superbly in our file copy tests despite our test folders containing many files that are already heavily compressed (JPEGs, MP3s, and AVIs). Overall, the RevoDrive was 35% faster than the next closest competitor, the WD SiliconEdge Blue.

In timed installs of PowerDVD and 3DMark06, the RevoDrive was less impressive, coming in third behind the Vertex 2 and Kingston SSDNow V series Gen2.


To gauge the overall performance of the drives, we assigned a score of 25 to the drive that excelled most in each benchmark series (loading, application, file copying, and installation) and the rest proportionally, giving each benchmark set an equal weighting. If a drive is the fastest in all categories, it receives a perfect 100 score.

The RevoDrive completed our test suite with the best overall score of just under 89, noticeably higher than the next fastest drive. However, compared to the Vertex 2, the performance increase was only 15%. The RevoDrive has about 37% faster than our best hard drive, the WD VelociRaptor 600GB.

Power Consumption

We derived power consumption figures from the RevoDrive indirectly by measuring its overall power draw on a system compared to an identical test configuration with a previously tested drive.

While the 120GB RevoDrive is essentially a pair of Vertex 2's in RAID 0, using the PCI-E interface is no where near as energy efficient as SATA. By our estimates it consumed approximately 5.1W when idle and 7.5W when seeking, more than "green" 2TB hard drives like the Samsung EcoGreen F4 and WD Caviar Green (EARS). Compare to a single Vertex 2, the RevoDrive used eight times as much power.

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