Antec ISK 100 Mini-ITX Case

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The interior of the ISK 100 is very basic with a DC-to-DC power supply on one end, and a simple hard drive tray beneath the motherboard. The worst thing about assembly is the very tight spacing. It took us a few tries to figure how to angle the motherboard into place, and afterwards we struggled to keep cabling away from the edges of the case and the fan.

The interior.

The front panel cables were much too long. The power supply had the cables with the following connectors: 20+4 pin ATX, 4-pin AUX12V, 2x SATA, 1x 4-pin molex. The last is completely unnecessary and just causes more clutter.

The ISK 100 supports a pair of 2.5" drives, installed underneath the motherboard.

We chose an LGA775 motherboard, the Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX, because its CPU socket is directly under the ISK 100's fan. LGA1156 boards like the Intel DH57JG (pictured on left) position the processor near the other edge.

The case allows a maximum CPU cooler height of only 40 mm, forcing us to use an Intel stock cooler with the fan removed (35 mm tall).

As you can see, the fan was positioned almost perfectly above the heatsink with the hub slightly askew from the copper core of the CPU cooler.

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