Antec ISK 100 Mini-ITX Case

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Our main issues with the ISK 100 concern fit and finish. The coveer panels were a little 'off' as was the I/O shield, the stand, and the screws provided for the hard drive. None of these items aligned just right once the motherboard was put in place. Perhaps there's just enough twisting to cause this misalignment.

The hard drive screws were too long, made it impossible to clamp the drives securely. We had to scrounge up screws to mount the OCZ Vertex 30GB and WD Scorpio Blue 500GB drives.

Drives installed.

The corner of the cover near the AC power jack didn't quite line up with the rest of the housing, at least not until we screwed it down. We ran into the same thing on the opposite corner.

Also, if the covers are screwed on tight, the sides compress, making the holes for the stand too small to use. The stand has to be installed before the screws. This discovery took a lot of effort.

The back panel was also misaligned, partially blocking off the RJ45 connector and a pair of USB ports.

Installed and running. Note the red LEDs on the interior were from our Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 memory.

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