SSD Roundup: Corsair F180 vs. Zalman S Series vs. Kingston SSDNow V+100

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Few manufacturers offer their SSDs bare with nothing but the drive, and none of are samples are an exception (though there is a slightly cheaper version of the SSDNow V+100 with nothing but the drive in a plastic clamshell).

Corsair offers the simplest of the three packages, including just a metal 3.5" to 2.5" drive adapter.

The Zalman S Series drive ships with a USB cable to use its mini-USB port built directly on the chassis. The cable has two heads suggesting that the drive may use more power than a typical SSD.

The Zalman also had a blue activity LED under the label.

Our Kingston sample was part of a retail upgrade kit with 3.5" to 2.5" metal brackets, SATA data and power cables, a disc with cloning software, and an external hard drive enclosure with USB cable.

The enclosure is composed of thin, cheap plastic and has a simple release latch for opening/closing. It's a bare bones housing that doesn't even require screws to put together.

The enclosure has a pleasant blue activity light.

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