NZXT H2 Classic Silent Midtower Chassis

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On the inside, it becomes very clear that the H2 shares more than a few similarities with the Fractal Define R2. Limited 5.25" bays, plenty of hard drive support, fan mounts on the top and bottom, black and white stock fans, and dampening material on the door and side panels, to list a few.

The H2 has a standard layout with the power supply on the bottom, a large cutout behind the CPU area, and many holes for routing cables.

For users who prefer extra exhaust, a 14 cm fan mount covered with a mesh grill is located on the top panel. Next to it are the connectors for the external SATA docking bay. A SATA data cable and molex to SATA power adapter are pre-connected.

Four rubber feet pad the power supply and gives the vent underneath some extra clearance.

The front intake fans provide enough coverage for all eight hard drive bays. The trays are tightly grouped, with very little breathing between them unless you stagger the drives.

With an inch of space behind the motherboard tray and a myriad of holes and handles, cabling is simply a non-issue. The fan controller is powered via a molex connector, hidden in the nest of cables tied up at the back. In addition to driving the two fans at the front, it has an additional pair of 3-pin connectors so it can control a total of four fans.

The fan controller is hardwired to a pair of female 3-pin headers which connect to the intake fan positions' circuit boards. These cables lack the 3rd pin for RPM monitoring, but it's not missed as there is nothing to which to report the fan speed.

Removing the filter reveals the front fans are mounted with just a pair of standard fan screws.

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