Swiftech Polaris 120 CPU Heatsink

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The Swiftech Polaris 120 is composed of five 8 mm thick copper direct touch heatpipes and 45 friction-fit aluminum fins. The heatsink alone weighs about 710 grams and stands 151 mm high which is fairly short for a high performance tower cooler.

The Polaris 120 looks like a typical tower heatsink except it sits a bit low and the sides of the fin stack are closed, forcing airflow from the fan to go straight through. This could increase airflow impedance and hurt performance, especially at lower fan speeds.

The fins are a bit thick, measuring ~0.43 mm, but as there are only 45 fins, the gaps between them are closer to average, about 1.85 mm.

The fan side is cut in a wavy profile to reduce turbulence and noise.

The heatsink's most prominent feature are the five direct touch heatpipes, pressed together without any structural support between them. A column in the center of the fins is hollowed out for better airflow perhaps.

The base is almost perfectly flat but there are visible machine marks.

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