Silverstone Fortress FT03 microATX Tower

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The FT03's layout places the power supply at the bottom under a slim slot-loading optical drive bay. There are 120 mm intake fans beside the PSU and at the edge of the motherboard tray blowing upward. A third 120 mm fan on the top panel next to the I/O shield acts as an exhaust.

Because the case is narrow, the 120 mm intake fans are placed at angles in order to fit. There is an option for a 80 or 92 mm fan over the expansion cards as well. The optical drive bay is located underneath the center fan, an odd location as the FT03's small footprint and height make it better suited for the floor than atop a desk.

The center fan lacks structural support, just dangling off on one side of its metal frame.

The interior with the case on its side and intake fans removed.

While the tower is very tall, it doesn't hold many hard drives, just three underneath the motherboard tray if you include the hotswap bay at the top. On the bright side, as 3.5" hard drives are rather thick, so there is plenty of space for cabling.

The cover for the hotswap swings outward to accept a 3.5" SATA drive.

One has to steady a drive's descent or risk damaging the internal connector at the bottom when the case is standing upright. It's also difficult to pull the drive out as the lever requires a fair bit of force to free the drive and it isn't particularly sturdy. Slim drives (e.g. single platter models) are not recommended for obvious reasons.

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