Silverstone Fortress FT03 microATX Tower

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Assembling a system in the Fortress FT03 requires the removal of the center fan bracket, but other than that it is a straight forward affair despite the odd layout. Our test configuration features an Intel Core i5-750 processor cooled by a Noctua NH-C12P heatsink, a Samsung EcoGreen F3 2TB hard drive, and two different graphics cards, a Radeon HD 5450 and HD 6850.

Our Coolermaster Silent Pro M700 power supply wasn't compatible with the FT03 due to the orientation of the AC plug and the on/off switch. The internal power cable pressed against the switch forcing it into the off position making it impossible to power up. We ended up using a Seasonic X-650 instead.

Hard drives install using plastic rails with soft yellow grommets.

The rails are then screwed into the chassis.

The case could use a few more hooks for routing cables, but with two inches of clearance it's not too bad.

Fully assembled. CPU cooler and graphics card clearance is listed as 167 mm and 13.77 inches, but by our measurements, it's approximately 170 mm and 14.4 inches respectively (with the bottom intake fan removed).

The power and reset buttons stick out past the top cover a great deal, making them easy to depress accidentally. The hard drive and power LEDs shine bright blue.

To lessen vibration from the hard drive, we wedged some paper between the chassis and side panels. This made a noticeable difference.

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