Prolimatech Genesis CPU Heatsink: Retaking the Crown

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With the Genesis, Prolimatech continues its impressive run of high performance CPU heatsinks. Its cooling proficiency is unmatched, even by other dual fan titans from longer established manufacturers like Noctua and Thermalright. It has an additional advantage over tower designs like the Noctua NH-D14 and Thermalright Silver Arrow, as it delivers good cooling to the components around the socket, not just the processor itself. The Genesis doesn't perform quite as well in this regard as the Noctua NH-C14, a pure top-downer, but seems to have created a happy medium with its unique hybrid style design. The mounting system is excellent as usual not having changed from previous Prolimatech offerings, but compatibility for AMD motherboards has been added out of the box, something they've neglected to do until now.

The Red Vortex 14 LED fans provided by Prolimatech are very quiet when undervolted and work well with the Genesis, but unfortunately they aren't included. This is the Genesis' Achilles heel — it ships without fans, but is slated to retail at US$80. This is about the same price as the Silver Arrow and the NH-C14, but both include a pair of 14 cm fans at no added cost. An extra US$15~$20 for fans hard to justify on the basisis of the Genesis' performance edge; its close competitors also provide excellent cooling with very low noise. The bottom line is that the Genesis is not exactly great value, but it is the best air cooler for CPUs that money can buy at the moment.

Prolimatech Genesis wins the SPCR Editor's Choice award.


Our thanks to Prolimatech for the Genesis heatsink sample.

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