Fractal Design Define R3 ATX Tower

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The R3 has the same dimensions as the R2, 20.7 x 44.2 x 52.1 cm or 8.1 x 17.4 x 20.5" (W x H x D), making it a bit shorter than most ATX towers that find their way to SPCR. The case has an internal volume of about 47.7 L and weighs 12.5 kg or 27.5 lb.

The only differences at the front is the inclusion of ventilated, easy to open 5.25" slot covers and a small reset button on the right side of the bezel.

The case floor looks virtually identical. There are two fan vents, one for the power supply at the back and one for an 120/140 mm intake fan at the center.

The bitumen-based padding lines on both side panels as well as the "Moduvents" blocking off unused side and top fan placements.

The interior looks more or less the same as well. The R2/R3 both ship with a pair of 12 cm fans, one at the front and one at the rear, and support eight 3.5" hard drives.

The only structural changes inside were on the motherboard tray. The cutout behind the CPU area has been enlarged slightly, some hooks have been added to make cable management easier, and the topmost hole on the side has been widened.

There's only one minor alteration at the rear of the case: ventilated expansion slot covers.

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