Zotac H67-ITX: Sandy Bridge for Mini-ITX

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For enthusiasts, the options available within the BIOS can turn a good board into a great one. The ability to manipulate frequencies, voltages, and fan control settings vary depending on the hardware and the amount of trust placed in the users' hands by the manufacturer.

One surprise we found in the BIOS were settings for staggering hard drive spin-up. This is extremely useful for low power servers that don't have enough juice to power up six hard drives simultaneously.

The PC Health Status menu is home to the board's fan controls.

BIOS Summary: Zotac H67-ITX
PCH Voltage
+0.03V to +0.15V in 0.03V increments
Memory Voltage
-0.10V to +0.16V in 0.02/0.03V increments
Memory Timing Control Basic
Fan Control
CPU Fan Mode Manual, Smart Fan
Start Temperature 30C to 60C in 5C increments
Start Fan Duty 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%
Highest Fan Duty 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%

As good overclocking is not feasible due to built-in limitations on the H67 chipset, Zotac stripped most of the extra frequency/voltage settings from the BIOS. You can only make minor alterations to the PCH and memory voltage; CPU voltage and memory and CPU frequency are off the table completely. We've seen basic Intel boards that are more liberal than the H67-ITX. Fan control is offered with the option for either Smart Fan or a manual fixed speed for just one fan header.

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