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The AMD Radeon HD 6570 512MB is a single slot graphics card with a board length of 16.8 cm (6.6"). It is equipped with a cooler similar to that of the reference HD 5570 (GDDR3), a slim copper heatsink with a small seven-blade fan. The 5570 was fairly quiet, but the 6570 has a significantly higher power draw (by 13W according to AMD) so higher fan speeds are likely needed to keep the GPU cool.

The 6570.

Three-way Eyefinity appears to be supported as DVI-D, VGA, and DisplayPort (version 1.2) outputs are offered at the back.

The cooler is secured to the PCB with a padded backplate using four tiny spring-loaded screws. The mounting holes form a 43 mm square, a layout that has been used by AMD for a few years now for their budget cards.

The heatsink covers the GPU core and just four memory bare GDDR5 memory chips.

The heatsink is composed of a copper plate on the bottom, a series of small copper fins enclosed by a plastic cover. The fan employed has only two wires and thus lacks RPM reporting.

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