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Fan Control

AMD Radeon HD 6570 and 6670 BIOS fan control settings.

According the BIOS, the cards share the same fan speed profile with a starting temperature of 55°C, a maximum temperature of 102°C, and minimum duty cycle of 22%. The fan speed can be changed manually using third party utilities like MSI Afterburner and Sapphire TriXX, but we were unable to reduce the minimum speed.


The power consumption of an add-on video card can be estimated by comparing the total system power draw with and without the card installed. Our results were derived thus:

1. Power consumption of the graphics card at idle - When CPUBurn is run on a system, the video card is not stressed at all and stays idle. This is true whether the video card is integrated or an add-on PCIe 16X device. Hence, when the power consumption of the base system under CPUBurn is subtracted from the power consumption of the same test with the graphics card installed, we obtain the increase in idle power of the add-on card over the integrated graphics chip.

2. Power consumption of the graphics card under load - The power draw of the system is measured with the add-on video card, with CPUBurn and FurMark running simultaneously. Then the power of the baseline system (with integrated graphics) running just CPUBurn is subtracted. The difference is the load power of the add-on card. Any load on the CPU from FurMark should not skew the results, since the CPU was running at full load in both systems.

Both results are scaled by the efficiency of the power supply (tested here) to obtain a final estimate of the DC power consumption.

Note: the actual power of the add-on card cannot be derived using this method because the integrated graphics may draw some power even when not in use. We estimate that the integrated HD 4200 graphics chip in our test configuration uses 3~4W, However, the relative difference between the cards should be accurate.

Like the higher-end HD 6800 and 6900 series, the 6570 and 6670 are very energy efficient when idle, using just 10W, a substantial improvement over the GDDR5 version of the HD 5550 and 5570. On load, both cards had modest power requirements under 70W, but the 6670 was curiously more efficient, consuming 9W (14%) less power than the 6570 despite being substantially faster.

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